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Gary has won seven Dove Awards and five Grammy nominations as an artist. He also hosted TNN’s flagship show and the Sam’s Place series at the historic Ryman Auditorium. He has produced CMT’s Musik Mafia TV and a number of documentaries and specials.



Joyce came to work for Merf Music Group in August, 2009. She started her duties as Executive Production Assistant.  This position has evolved into the Senior Office Manager for Merf Music Group. Joyce was born in Los Angeles, California to Ray and Joyce Hamilton.  She’s always been involved in the music industry with her family since the age of 7 traveling and entertaining audiences of all ages.  These days Joyce focuses on music ministry and traveling around the country helping those in need when she is not in the Merf Music Group office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Joyce spent 3 years on the road with her ministry and continues to do that today. “There is nothing I enjoy more than ministering to lost and hurting people and helping them understand that God really DOES love them.” She knows this to be true from His faithfulness to her throughout her own trials and believes that God continues to call her into the music ministry daily. According to Ray Hamilton, CEO of Merf Music Group, “Joyce is true to her character, with her what you see is what you get, and as much as she loves to sing… she loves to minister even more!” To learn more about Joyce and her music and ministry follow the links below