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Gypsies Country
Clouds Don't Always Rain Country
Too In Love To Care -Mick's mix2.1 (1ST PERSON) Country
barefootin' Country
Duct Tape Country
A Woman Like That Country
Fly South-Mick's mix1 Country
Nursery Rhyme Country
She's my whiskey Country
The Me Country

Production Music

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demo Country

Production Music Samples

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A dramatic and impacting collection ranging from big orchestral film trailers to simple and subtle scores. The cinematic stage is built to add emotional impact and importance to your production.

Our crime and drama music library provides chilling, mysterious, and suspenseful undertones for any crime and dramatic production.

If you’re looking for music to lead direction, we have what you need. This music will set the mood, without taking over your scene.

This Collection of original songs, written by established Merf Music Group writers are sure to draw the most emotion from your first scene through your end credits.

Underscore music will set the mood combining the best rock, urban, and euro-grooves (and even simple piano/guitar undertones, and never get in the way of your acting or dialogue.

Just as the name sounds if you’re looking for passionate intrigue, we’ve got what you need for dramatic or passionate moments, our music will command your audiences’ attention.

Whether it’s the first kiss or the heat of the moment, this music will lead your audience to fall hopelessly in love with the characters and keep them captivated through the climax… of the scene.

This music will take you on a journey through a musical time machine from the renaissance period to today’s modern music.

The lighter side music gallery provides music for your Animations, Comedy, and Fantasy as well as providing m6usical effects for your production.

Whatever part of the world you’re in, this collection will enhance the experience for your audience and allow them to feel like they are taking the journey with you.

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Title Writer Genre
Gypsies Country

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